Sevenoaks Driving School provides intensive driving courses  - We run 8 courses of between 10 to 40 hours over 2 days to 4weeks. All our intensive driving courses come with our guarantee that should you fail your first driving test then we will pay for your second. Intensive Driving Courses will quickly and efficiently help you get your full driving licence.  Intensive One Week Driving Courses - Crash Courses of Driving Lessons . We offer both home pickup and residential driving courses across the Sevenoaks area

Manual driving lessons and intensive courses in Sevenoaks

Provided by the Sevenoaks Driving School 
Part of The Big Red L Company

The Sevenoaks Driving School is a group of professional instructors who have chosen to work in association with The Big Red L Company. They are introduced to clients by The Big Red L Company, but in return they must perform to a very high standard.

The Big Red L Company was founded in 1992. We believe our Sevenoaks driving instructors offer exceptional value for money and when you book driving lessons with us you can be sure of a service second to none.

If you are looking for quality driving lessons at really good prices you have definitely come to the right place! We can cater for everyone's needs with a wide range of driving courses - from 1 lesson a week right up to a full intensive course.

Please call us on 0800 085 0078 or 01303 279755 to discuss your requirements.

News from The Big Red L Company

The Big Red L Company is always upto new things. Here are a few items about improving your driving that may interest you:
last updated: Jul 20 2017 6:44 AM
  • The Big Learner Relay 2014
    The Big Learner Relay is seriously ambitious. Starting in Ireland before hopping over to the mainland, the convoy will travel the length and breadth of Britain over 13 days carrying a Children in Need top box. And on each leg of the journey, a different set of ADIs and learners will form the convoy, raising money for the charity. It beggars the question – where did such an ambitious idea come from in the first place? “It was a lightbulb moment,” says TBLR creator, Louise Walsh, a Hampshire-based ADI who was watching Children in Need 2013 at the time. Sat on the sofa with her husband, she recalls saying: “Why aren’t driving instructors doing something? Why aren’t we raising money for Children in Need? Tell you what – why don’t we relay a top box around the country from one lesson to another?” Wanting feedback on her idea, Louise headed online to tentatively ask if any ADIs would be interested in helping her: “I thought we would end up with 20-30 of us at best, and we would do 200 miles each,” explains Louise. But within three hours, 600 people responded – and The Big Learner Relay was born.
  • Windy Weather
    Rule 233 In very windy weather your vehicle may be affected by turbulence created by large vehicles. Motorcyclists are particularly affected, so keep well back from them when they are overtaking a high-sided vehicle.
  • Blondes and cars - How to top up the oil
    But do you know how you should really do it?
  • Now much more national than regional
    We have been running intensive courses for many years and have recently introduced our latest website. Specifically targetting areas all over the UK. Intensive driving courses are now more popular than ever and fast taking over as the preferred and best way to learn. Check it out today
  • The correct place to book your theory test!
    There are lots of websites that offer to book your theory test for you and charge you for the privilege. They are normally around £20 extra for absolutely nothing! They often say 'Free Retest' if you fail, but the terms and conditions are so detailed you don't stand a chance of getting one. So our advice is simply stick with the government site - you should never pay more than the £31 test fee. Happy learning
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